Friday, January 6, 2017

The Nomadic Period

When we move internationally, there is always a period of time when our goods are packed up and on their way to the next destination. During this time, we usually move around quite a bit and call it our "nomadic period". December 2016 was no different and I will share photos from our travels and visits during that time. 

December 3rd, Denali and I moved into our temporary home in Horgen, a suite in Hotel Schwan. I took him there to keep him out of the way while the movers finished packing and loading the container.

I brought along his favorite bed, but Denali preferred to make a cave under the bed and also won't waste any paper in reach.  


our container - to be reunited in CA
After the work in the apartment was finished, I had a bit of time to myself. I wanted to go into Zurich one more time and I wanted it to be evening to enjoy the holiday lights. Luckily, my friend Eva was available and joined me. We had so much fun together even sending some photos of us to another friend, Marisel, who moved back in 2015. The three of us had spent a lot of time together between 2012 and 2015. 

Crystal chandelier was a new addition to the station Christmas market.
in front of the Swarovski tree

of course, there was gl├╝hwein involved
Singing Christmas Tree

Christmas Pyramid outside Stadelhofen station
There were many attempts at getting a selfie with the pyramid between us. Maybe not the best, but trust me, it is the best. We laughed a lot and that made it all worth it.

cook your own raclette dinner together
We had a great time until we had to part company as we approached Horgen station. So hard to say goodbye. Tears could not be helped.

The next day, my stay in Switzerland was really over. My Swiss friend, Petra, and I had lunch together and then she drove Denali and I to the airport. She even helped me get him into his carrier - so much harder to get him into the soft sided one. Since I had three suitcases, a carry-on and Denali in his carrier, it was fantastic that she parked the car and helped me get into the airport. Here we are standing in front of a Christmas tree in the airport. Moments later, we arrived at security and had to say "auf wiedersehen". More tears were involved. 

my travel companion

The best part about leaving was coming straight to the calm oasis in the chaos of a move: our cottage in Westport. Our neighbor was already anxiously waiting for Denali's arrival and ready to care for him when I took my road trip. Before I got in the car to go to NJ and PA, I made sure the cottage was ready for Denali. He accepted his new pedestal scratching post/condo right away. Since then, he's spent countless hours there. 

I spent a few days in NJ  staying at Lynn's B&B, then on to Lititz, PA to visit with my parents.

Jeri and Geoff

While I was running around the northeast, Tom was based in a temporary furnished apartment in LA. He spent a weekend in a suburb of LA with his brother, Gary, and his family.

a massive kitchen!
I did have a few moments to go down to Gooseberry Point. Westport is beautiful in all seasons. 

I got back up to Westport a couple of days in advance of Tom's parents. I needed to have the place look "Christmasy" before then. I tried not to get carried away, but was pleased with the result. If we decide to make it a tradition, it will be a lot easier next time.


I'm glad it worked out that we could have three generations together for the first Christmas celebration in Westport.  

If you think I look good, all compliments go to Alicia, my make-up artist for the day. Too bad she doesn't live close enough to help more often!

For some unknown reason, I was called to purchase a holiday sweater for Denali. I don't think it made his holiday, but it was certainly entertaining for the humans. Not to worry, he was only in the sweater for about 2o minutes, but it was definitely worth the $10. 

presents make good seats

roast goose with wild rice stuffing and plenty of sides

The day after Christmas, we hosted Steve and Deb Turner in Westport. Steve's father was Alan's cousin. Tom and Steve are some kind of cousin, but regardless, we enjoy their company.  

Tom and I were in the car on the 27th to go back to PA to celebrate my dad's 92nd birthday. Sadly, Mom had fallen on the morning of the 26th making the celebration different than we hoped. We were still able to connect with my sister, Janis and niece, Jess. 

adding pins

Not to let anyone catch up to us, we were on the road again in another couple of days. Back to NJ for a night so we could connect with daughter, Sarah, in NYC on the 30th. She'd asked for Hard Rock Cafe pins to add to her collection (she's a server and bartender). We were happy to provide what we could and she immediately added some to her lanyard.

After a few hours in the big apple, we were back on the road to CT. This time we stopped for a brief visit with our niece, Cathy, and her family. A bit off Rt 95, but a very nice way to break up the drive back to Westport. 

Cathy & Madelyn

Tom, Mark & Madelyn
Finally, we were back home in Westport. Time for a bit of down time. We had New Year's together with Tom returning to LA on January 2. I will join him on Saturday, January 7. The nomadic period isn't exactly over. We will stay in the temporary apartment there until we can secure a place to rent. When our goods arrive in the port isn't as important as having a place for them to be delivered. 

first glimpse
Before my flight to LA,  I promised myself a walk on the beach. A head cold got in the way, but I did finally manage to get there. The temperature didn't suit sunbathing, but the views were still gorgeous.

And one last treat before departure, snow!

I fly to LA tomorrow. Hopefully we will find a place to live soon and the nomadic period will be over!