Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Exploring the Neighborhood

In our many walks around our surroundings, we discovered a couple of museums that have very limited open hours so it took us a while to get inside. Within the last couple of months, we succeeded. 

Each gemeinde (town/village) has its own Orts Museum (town museum), even Horgen. We explored it and learned about the history of our current home town.

early mail delivery

 rear of mail coach

coach that ran between Horgen and Zug
Horgen used to have a light-switch factory. It was fun to see the samples and recognize several from different European buildings we've visited (or lived in).

Sleighs for the obvious prevalent winter weather. Pictures on the wall also showed us that one time Lake Zurich actually froze. People skated across the lake!

Another day, we walked to the next small village, Au, and were able to visit the Weinbau Museum am Zurichsee. We've walked around the vineyards plenty of times and this was the first time the museum was open to the public.

containers used during the grape harvest

wine press

giant press - note human on side

Who has a bottle big enough for this corkscrew? Better yet, how would you pour from it?

the barrels

very local wine! none for sale

photo display of the same portion of the vineyard in all seasons

A group of musicians was "jamming" outside the museum. Seems an unlikely mixture of instruments, but it worked.

We sat and listened while enjoying a complimentary glass of wine.

zum Wohl!
 Walking along the vineyard on our way home.

We've read that there is a coal mining museum in Horgen too, but have yet to get there. What's in your backyard?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Simon’s cat ...

is a female!

Do you know Simon’s cat? She is a famous cartoon character and star of many videos. 


Now does she look familiar?

Do you wonder how I know she’s female? Simple deduction. I’ve seen the videos and cartoons. I know how annoying this cat is and how she would push any normal human to the brink. Maybe, just maybe, she pushed Simon too far. Simon abandoned her not realizing she was already “with kitten”.  Of course, some kind soul would give her shelter in her time of need.  Another innocent would adopt her offspring. 


Did you know Denali’s mother was abandoned and he was born in a foster home of the Summit Animal League? Before I was able to adopt him, Denali’s mother taught him many of her antics that pushed Simon over the edge. With Denali waking us before we would like (the sun is up, what’s the problem?) and constantly asking for food, it became obvious that his mother was Simon’s cat! 

Just because he’s cute does not mean he is always innocent. 


Next time you see Simon’s cat, think of me.

Züri Fäscht

Züri Fäscht is Swiss German for Zurich Festival or Zuri Fest. It is a three day event that happens only every three years. We had to go see what it was all about - we don't know if we'll have another chance. We knew from the festival website that it was taking place all over the downtown area. It would be impossible to miss.

Friday evening we started by joining friends at their apartment. We could see some of the air show activity from their balcony.

It was a very short walk to see some of the festival.  Notice the blue banners with the Z in the white square at the top (left side) - that's Tom's office.

Smurfs are really big in Switzerland

Fred packed a picnic basket

friends and colleagues

ready for some fireworks

What is the purpose of the Zuri Fest? I didn't see anything in print, but from my perspective it seemed "to have fun." There was something for everyone. 

There were rides ....

mini train ride on tracks set up just for this event

want a ride in that funicular car hanging from a crane? not me!

 stages for entertainment,

Czech folk dances - with audience grabbed by dancers - watch out!

paused to listen to an oom-pah band

people were actually diving off the various platforms into the lake

 lots of food,

odd because corn on the cob is not usually available

guess what's for sale?

chalet style food stall set up just for this event


finally found a coffee drink with a big enough caffeine hit for Tom

goat's milk? doubtful

a spinning bar - is this a good idea?


hand pumping this tram race

 juxtaposition of the city and the festival,

schoggi = chocolate

opera house
lots of boats on the lake and also plenty of swans,


 street performers,


lots of people!

a little bit of snow trucked in from the mountains,

 a bit of fantasy, 

palm trees to pretend to be in Ticino - Italian region of Switzerland
who doesn't want a flying smart car?
more air shows,

and of course, fireworks!

Farewell, Zuri Fest.