Wednesday, January 16, 2013

day trip to Liechtenstein and Appenzell

While Alicia was here with us, one of our goals was to make sure she visited at least one more country besides Switzerland (Austria = done) and also one she'd never been to before. The capital of Liechtenstein, Vaduz, is a short drive away from Horgen. 
Welcome to Vaduz, Liechtenstein - city center with creche
There isn't a lot in Vaduz other than the "schloss" or castle. We parked at the bottom and walked up to the castle. We learned later that we could have driven most of the way, but exercise is a good way to burn at least a few of the chocolate calories we are consuming.

Along the way, we were rewarded with beautiful views and some interesting sights. For instance, this building that looks like it has chimes around the outside. It appeared to be an artist's studio. Wow, what inspiration around them!

part way to the castle
Alicia on the path

I can never get too much of views like this.

we all like to take pictures - and yes, Tom is sporting his NJ Devils hat

"Turn around, Alicia!"

almost there

Since the royal family still lives there, we didn't get to go inside. 
How rude not to invite us in!

is this view wasted on royalty?


We walked back down to our car and drove to the ruins of the old castle. Guess what we saw along the way? If you guessed more beautiful vistas, you're right!

The car is now parked and we are following the Schlossweg.

Entrance to the ruins

Liechtenstein's flag - memorize its appearance for your next trivia game.  

 Mischievous or Angelic? You choose.


Goodbye ruins

on the road to Appenzell

After Liechtenstein, we drove back into Switzerland to visit the village of Appenzell before returning to Horgen.
Are we in Lancaster? No, mountains are a clue.
Appenzell's claim to fame besides cheese? It practices the most pure form of democracy. There is an annual meeting with elections of the town in this center square.

Many of the shops and businesses had these cute signs that indicate what you'll find inside.

The Three Kings

Appenzell also has a lot of cows. In the fall, there is a festival when they are brought down from the mountains for the winter. I don't want to meet the cows that are big enough for these bells!

 Lots of the buildings have painted facades or other decorations, like cows and sheep!


the animal parade was longer than my camera could capture

See the angel? This one is for my mom!

Of course, in Switzerland there is always cafe. Pure decadence: cappuccino with chocolate sprinkled on top and two truffles. Yum.

There is also always a church. I was surprised by how ornate this small church is.

 We were rewarded on our way home by watching the sunset.