Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Simon’s cat ...

is a female!

Do you know Simon’s cat? She is a famous cartoon character and star of many videos. 


Now does she look familiar?

Do you wonder how I know she’s female? Simple deduction. I’ve seen the videos and cartoons. I know how annoying this cat is and how she would push any normal human to the brink. Maybe, just maybe, she pushed Simon too far. Simon abandoned her not realizing she was already “with kitten”.  Of course, some kind soul would give her shelter in her time of need.  Another innocent would adopt her offspring. 


Did you know Denali’s mother was abandoned and he was born in a foster home of the Summit Animal League? Before I was able to adopt him, Denali’s mother taught him many of her antics that pushed Simon over the edge. With Denali waking us before we would like (the sun is up, what’s the problem?) and constantly asking for food, it became obvious that his mother was Simon’s cat! 

Just because he’s cute does not mean he is always innocent. 


Next time you see Simon’s cat, think of me.