Friday, July 17, 2015

Switzerland in a Day

Revisiting Rigi could also be called Switzerland in a day. Going to Rigi was one of our first excursions in September 2012. It's one of the lower mountains close to us, but from there we can see many others. It was time to go back, but without the car. We decided to travel on public transportation which allowed us to return via a different route.
we traveled in the wooden, open-air car

When we were going up the cog train to the peak of Rigi, it was clear some event was taking place. Since we could see plenty of people up ahead, we decided to get off one stop sooner than planned and investigate.

Schwingen mural on building

There was a huge Schwingen (Swiss wrestling) competition in progress!  We were able to recognize it from a distance having seen this sport previously, but certainly not of this magnitude. We'd seen a local competition. This one had three rings for wrestling and so many more spectators.

the prize cow

In typical Swiss fashion, there were people and animals in costumes and plenty of activity. Once we had a chance to soak in a bit of local color, we headed to the peak on foot. The path is mostly paved and when taken slowly, it's not too difficult. 

view back as we walk up - that's a lot of spectators

we're further away now

our destination - the summit

Rigikulm (summit) station
soaking in the view

thrilling or terrifying?

great day for parasailing and hang-gliding
After we were done watching the people floating in the sky, we went down the other side of the Rigi. It is possible to also go part way on a cable car, but we stayed on the cog train the entire distance. 

can't mistake which country we're in
Arriving at the foot of the Rigi in Vitznau, we took a boat ride across the lake to Luzern. As the boat was pulling in and ready for us to board, we were serenaded by alphorns. What an unexpected treat!


like my hat?

It was another warm day here - plenty of people were lakeside.

Luzern and its iconic bridge
they played when we left too
From Luzern, we took the train back to Horgen. Our outing included a mountain, cog train, option for cable car, hiking, boat ride with an unexpected taste of Swiss culture thrown in. I think that qualifies it as Switzerland in a day. It was a lot of fun.