Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happiness is....

Receiving the sea shipment. Especially being reunited with my pillow and bed (with sheets and no duvet)

Unhappiness is....

Discovering a few damaged items (Tom's chess table and both bikes)

Happiness is a garlic press! Before we got our shipment, I was doing my best to cook without left overs (no storage containers) using the equipment provided in the rental package. I didn't want to buy things that would be arriving soon. Tom and I like garlic and they do not sell prepared garlic in little jars here. I forgot what a pain it is to mince garlic by hand!

Unhappiness is discovering that the majority of cookware in the sea shipment will NOT work on the induction cook top. We had to purchase an assortment of pots and pans - an unexpected expense.

Happiness is choosing lights for the holes in the ceiling (hallway and most rooms) and finding an electrician for their installation.

Unhappiness is discovering that one of the ceiling fans doesn't work properly and the hallway lights won't fit in the holes.

Unhappiness is losing your sunglasses at the beginning of an excursion on a sunny day.

Happiness is the miracle of finding them!  (Thanks to Tom's ability to ask people on the train on its way back down the mountain.)


Denali's contribution:
Happiness is boxes to explore and being reunited with my condos and scratching post.

Unhappiness is door bells signaling the arrival of noisy men in groups (removing rental furniture, delivering shipment, cabinet assembly, repairmen). So many days spent in hiding!