Thursday, November 8, 2012

Capelli Hair Salon

A big concern with any move is finding a hair salon. I gathered some recommendations from other expats to get me started. I was hoping to find a local salon local - not going into "the city" if avoidable.

Last month, I started with a recommendation in Horgen. The first thing Nadia did was brush out my curls. What a massive mess was on top of my head then! She did color my roots which was the main reason for the appointment. While I sat and waited, I was alone in my side of the shop. I understood the lack of conversation as we did not share a common language. The lack of music, TV or other patrons in this area was surprising. She did offer, and serve a cappuccino (with a small chocolate) while I waited. Then she disappeared until it was time to rinse my hair. She acted like she thought I was crazy for not having her blow dry (and probably straighten) my hair. I left with very wet hair, but at least no grey. An opportunity to sit under a dryer and let the curls do their own thing was not an option. All of this cost 160 Swiss Francs (CHF) or $169! (no cutting was done!)

Today I tried another salon in the next town over. The proprietor, Angelo, greeted me at the door. One of the assistants served peppermint tea to the station just as I was seated. Through a mixture of German and English. I explained what I wanted and we started. He covered the roots just like Nadia. While I waited, I was offered a hand massage. Since Switzerland is a very expensive country, I asked if it was going to cost extra. When she answered "no", I said "sure, why not?" It felt very nice. Then a cappuccino (with a small cookie) was delivered as requested. Having my hair rinsed and washed was a necessity, but also felt like a head massage. Delightful. I returned to Angelo and he asked what I wanted him to do. He would have let me leave with wet hair, but I know in the dead of winter I won't want to do that. So, I agreed to let him dry the hair and see what would happen. I fully expected him to try to blow out the curls. I was wrong, He had earlier complemented my hair and at this point said he thought natural was better. He used a large diffuser and let the curls come out. He used his fingers to help train it to stay back a little from my face. When he was done, I was served a fruit kabob. I did not have him cut my hair because I already have an appointment for that in Westfield in December, but Angelo at Capelli's will be my hair salon in Switzerland. All of my treatments today cost a total of 113 CHF or $119! It was a very pleasant morning - I need to look no further. 

Coiffeur Angelo Sepe in W├Ądenswil