Monday, November 19, 2012


Zurich International Women's Association (ZIWA) organizes hikes. Last week there was a hike scheduled in Zug. The plan was to take a 45 minute train ride from Zurich to Zug. From there, we were going to take a funicular up near the top of the "mountain" and hike around there. November in Switzerland is very foggy and the hike was cancelled because there wouldn't be much view. I would have been happy to walk anyway for the exercise, but I wasn't in charge. I had purchased my ticket ahead of time and they are only valid on the date shown. A new friend also had her ticket  so we decided to take the ride to Zug anyway and explore the "old town" of the city. (Next time, I will wait to buy my ticket.)


Before we made it to the "old town" we happened upon this little church. It looks normal enough from the outside, right?

Look closely at the interior. I've been in a lot of churches and this is the first one I've seen with chaise lounges.

Here at the edge of Lake Zug, you can tell what a pretty place this would be on a clear day.

With no agenda, we just wandered around. There was no limit to the interesting buildings and pretty views.


Does this look like a police station?

clock tower

raised sidewalk - lower part is a road!

why is there a nose on this tower?

stringing Christmas lights on November 14

Here is what I've labeled a tree of life inside the church. We were visiting shortly after All Saints Day. The red apples recorded deaths over the past year. The others record births and have baby faces on them. Cool!

  more interesting buildings

The wooden walkway leads to the art museum.  Stripes are painted on the wall surrounding the building.

sculpture outside art museum

Near the lake we stumbled upon a small aviary. Not associated with a zoo - just out there for anyone to enjoy. The red ibis cooperated and gave me a beautiful pose.

On the way back to the train station, we stopped to look at a shop window. I'm guessing these are gingerbread flavored. No free samples.


The witch's house stood no more than 10 inches tall. Could be yours for 110 CHF!!

Marisel and I had a fun day of exploring. We agreed to go back on a clear day - maybe bringing the husbands.