Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A walk in the neighborhood

We finally got some mild temperatures and sunshine on a weekend. Not letting the opportunity pass, we headed out the door for a walk in our backyard.

We headed uphill  first to get views of the lake and mountains. (it's impossible to find a flat path for any significant distance here)  We didn't have to go far before I pulled out my camera.


The mountains and clouds look a bit alike, but the mountains are there....you just have to keep looking.
The Swiss are definitely serious about collecting firewood. (even the green tarps on the left are covering firewood) It's March, remember, so the harshest weather should be behind us. Could this collection be ready for the holiday to welcome spring when we burn a snowman? I must go to see that!

 More local beauty:

these views do not get old


 too bad no one invited us to sit and have a drink on this balcony - nice view

Where else but in Switzerland would you find a burlap cow protecting shrubbery?

Switzerland doesn't limit itself to cows. We have sheep in the neighborhood too (and horses, goats, chickens) 

Cute old house (it's actually older than the US) I want to go back and see the trellis in bloom, but that will depend on whether or not I can find it again.

 Spring is coming!

I Spy two butterflies!
We eventually made our way down to the path along the lake. Our neighboring town, Au (pronounced like you just stubbed your toe), has its own Schloss! Cool!

We even got to see a bit of the inside by attending a vocal recital one week earlier. 

Schloss Au from a distance